Tarique Ekramul Haque

Mr. Tarique Ekramul Haque is the Chairman, Director, and CEO of Bangla Trac Communication Limited (Bangla CAT). He was born on 17th July, 1977. After finishing greater education commencement within the College of Manchester in Overall costs and Accounting and Finance he grew to become part of Goldman Sachs Worldwide London just like a Financial analyst.

When completed his postgraduate degree he helped set up Bangla CAT, the dealership for Caterpillar Corporation. (USA) in Bangladesh. Today Bangla CAT could be the market leader in Power Generation Solutions and Caterpillar generators consider 22% of the total power generation capacity in Bangladesh

Effective December 10, 2015 Mr. Tarique Ekramul Haque continues to be hired Director from the Prime Bank. Mr. Tarique Ekramul Haque, Chairman and Director of Bangla Trac Limited, completed his graduation degree (BA Honors in Financial aspects) from College of Manchester, Uk in 2001.

Later on, he acquired Publish graduate degree (MSc in Accounting & Finance) from London School of Financial aspects, U.K. around 2003. Mr. Tarique Haque began his career in 2001 in Goldman Sachs Worldwide, London, United kingdom like a Financial Analyst. In 2004, when completed of his Masters in Accounting and Finance in the London School of Financial aspects, he came back to Bangladesh to participate his family in creating Bangla Trac Limited (Bangla CAT) - the dealership for Caterpillar Corporation. (USA) products in Bangladesh.

Today, Bangla CAT may be the market leader for electrical power solutions and construction machineries in Bangladesh. In 2008, he brought the establishment of Bangla Trac Communications Limited - an Worldwide Gateway Operator.

 This Year, he brought the establishment of Acorn Infrastructure Services Limited - an electrical plant located in Chittagong.

Tarique Ekramul Haque - Director Of Prime Bank Limited.